Phoenix Quality Services s.r.o

Supplier Representation

Regaining the Confidence of Your Customer

Independent Partner.

At Phoenix QS, our inspection services are present in hundreds of products and manufacturers throughout the supply chain. As an independent entity, we view all parties - regardless of which company engages our services - as our customer. If we are working on a supplier issue, then we will do all we can to build a strong barrier that will protect you from the effects of any defective material. But to achieve our common goal of closing containment and restoring control, we believe it is important that suppliers dont feel as though containment has been imposed as a form of punishment. Indeed, containment should be viewed from all sides as a necessary short term solution, and you have our word we will work with all parties to support this philosophy by actively supporting the problem solving process wherever and whenever you need us too. We can even help conduct a "level 0" investigation to help accurately establish where responsibility for an issue lies.