Phoenix Quality Services s.r.o


Yours. And Ours.


We win business with the integrity of our services and our personal character. We do not seek business by trying to corrupt the judgment of our customers. We do not tolerate bribery of individuals. We do not attempt, directly or indirectly to influence or affect the outcome of procurement efforts. We neither provide nor receive lavish or extravagant gifts. At festive seasons, we traditionally send a small and relevant gift to all of our customers and their representatives with whom we interact regularly as a token of our appreciation for their business throughout the year. Occasionally, if appropriate, and usually at festive periods, we may also invite some of our customers representatives to join us for an evening of entertainment such as a meal at a restaurant. If we feel it is appropriate to extend such a curtesy to a customer as a means of demonstrating our gratitude for their business, we will do so in an open and transparent way. At Phoenix QS, we believe that corruption stifles competition, seriously damages the customers business and destroys SME’s like ourselves. Thats why we always communicate in writing via email and, if we suspect foul play, we always escalate / report it to the relevant department at (whenever possible) group headquarters.