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When the supply chain is repeatedly contaminated with non-conforming material or their is a chronic failure in meeting quality targets, initiaiation of additional "special" containment, in addition to the existing activities may occur. Phoenix QS have years of experience managing exactly these kinds of projects. Whether you're a supplier who has been requested to implement addional formal inspection, or you're about to impose the process on one of your suppliers, we can help design, implement, manage and close the project for you.


Controlled Shipping Level 1


Though you have the option of utilising your own personnel to perform the 100% redundant inspections as required by your customer in Controlled Shipping Level I (CSI or CS1), often you do not have the personnel available or trained to perform this type of activity. If Controlled Shipping Level I activities push you into an overtime situation, it is usually more cost effective to contract with a third party sorting house rather than pay for the overtime.

Phoenix QS has teams of trained inspectors that can respond quickly to assist you in your Containment Activities


Controlled Shipping Level 2


in Controlled Shipping Level II (CSII or CSLII) you are required to use a Third Party Inspection Firm to inspect and sort your contained parts. Often, the company can be nominated by the customer. In Controlled Shipping Level II, time is of the essence and you need a company you can count on to get the situation under control quickly. Phoenix QS have vast experience in all aspects of controlled shipping protocols, and we know that meeting exit criteria is as much about regaining customer trust, as supplying in spec material.